5 Steps to Market Yourself When You are Your Brand.

Are you a company of one? Does your business bear your own name? It’s a situation many small business owners find themselves in. They are their company. It has its advantages, but there are also downsides. An upside is being the star. You are the celebrity of your business. Your status may also be the […]

Things To Avoid During Social Media Marketing

This is a trendy article for the youths of our generation. I will be discussing the things to avoid when you doing social media marketing. Nearly every youth is a social media devout. Which is why social media marketing is one of the most profitable ways of making money online.

Style Matters: Elevate Your Personal Brand with Fashion Tech

Have you ever seen a classy lady stand out in a crowd? In many cases, she won’t have to speak because her attire, demeanor, accessories, and confidence will do the talking for her.