How To Become Unfuckwithable.

Unfuckwithable:Adj; To be above or beyond fuckwithability. Unable to be defeated; Invincible. Be honest now! Do you ever wonder what it would really be like to: …feel totally in charge of your emotions? …no longer have “good days” and “bad days”? …have a mood that’s naturally 100% bulletproof? Sound like fantasy?

5 Ways to Kindly Deal With People Who Lack Common Sense.

Common sense is common right? I mean everyone should have it because its common but then what happens when you run into people who don’t have common sense? It’s so easy to become angry with them, question how they could be so ignorant, or brush them off altogether. But what if you don’t want to […]

Everyone Focuses on the Pursuit of Happiness; Do this Instead.

The pursuit of happiness has shaped the mindset of modern day society. Happiness seems to be the ultimate goal for everyone. I’m here to tell you, that’s completely a wrong way to go about life.