September 22, 2021

12 Ways to Detox Your Life Without Dieting

Sometimes life gets stagnant. Your physical space gets cluttered and stressful. Your energy levels seem to decrease by the day. You start to feel stuck, creativity is blocked, you’re less productive, and motivation is no where to be found. When that happens it may be time to detox your life to make room for new, positive energy. 

Detoxing doesn’t require you go on a restrictive diet, sometimes clearing out the external things that no longer add value to your life can be exactly what you need to feel lighter.

You don’t have to do all of the following suggestions in one day, but pick a few and work on them over a weekend to feel refreshed and re-energized, or do them at the beginning of each month to maintain your good energy.

Tips for a Successful Life Detox

As you read through these suggestions write down any that apply to you and then decide how you’re going to start.

Maybe you would benefit by starting with the task that would give you the greatest immediate impact, something that’s been nagging you and would feel the best to have done and over with.

Or if you’re short on time you might start with the tasks that can be completed quickly and help you build up momentum to the bigger tasks.

Once you’ve decided your approach for your life detox, create a timeline for your tasks.

Work with your needs and what method works for you.

Lets Detox Your Life!

1. Do a Deep Clean

Having a sparkling clean bathtub/shower feels pretty nice! Clear out the cobwebs, scrub the sink, dust your baseboards, clean off the hair and dust around the base of the toilet, sweep or vacuum under furniture and neglected corners, clean your microwave and stove. 

Clean all the areas that tend to be neglected in your home and then treat yourself for a job well done.

2. Donate Old Clothes

For many of us our dressers and closets are overcrowded and a source of stress. Cleaning out the wardrobe so your stuff has space to breathe feels so good! 

If you haven’t worn it in the last 12 months, consider selling or donating it. 

If it’s not good enough to donate or give out then burn them.

3. Switch Up Your Home Decor

If you aren’t loving your space, it may be time to do away or donate some old home decor and refresh your home. Walk around with a box and get rid of anything you don’t love anymore. 

Buy unique art prints (or get some acrylic paint & canvas to make your own art!), put up fairy lights, get some new throw pillows, or buy pretty flowers. Spray paint old jars or picture frames to give them new life.

4. Get Rid of Old Make Up & Beauty Products

I have to admit, I don’t follow expiration dates too closely. I think some are just to encourage people to spend more money, but you know when something is getting old and funky. If the smell or texture has changed toss that stuff! 

Dig through your cabinets and beauty storage, throw out anything that smells funny or you haven’t used in ages.

5. Clean Out the Fridge & Pantry

Throw out anything that’s expired or you know you won’t use and clean the weird brown stuff on your shelves. 

While you’re at it take note of anything you need to stock up on and create an organization system to make finding things easier.

6. Clean Your Car

Go through your car, throw away any trash, vacuum the floors, dust the dashboard, clean out the trunk and glove compartment. While you’re at it check to see if you need new windshield wipers, put air in the tires, and schedule an oil change if needed.

7. Purge Your Bookshelves

As a book lover this one hurts me to say but if you’ve been hoarding books for a while (like me) it might be time to take inventory and donate any books that you won’t read. 

You can take them to the library, thrift store, or simply give to people who need them. 

8. Digital Detox

Go through your folders and delete blurry picture and random files. Remove songs from your playlists that you always skip. Delete old emails and unsubscribe from any websites that you don’t visit anymore. Uninstall old apps you haven’t used in months. Clear the random files off your desktop.

9. Toxic Relationships

Detox your life of harmful relationships. This might just mean unfollowing or unfriending people on social media that don’t really make you feel good. Or it could mean cutting off someone in your real life that consistently starts drama, uses you, lets you down, or acts in a way that doesn’t meet your personal values and standards. 

It can be really hard to let people go, especially if it’s a long time friend, lover, or family member, but your emotional and mental health is very important.

10. Swap Out Harmful Cleaning Products

There are so many harmful chemicals everywhere, make the switch to more natural products where you can to detox your life. Honestly white vinegar, baking soda, and dawn dish soap are great basic DIY cleaning ingredients, you can start there.

11. Ditch Negative Thinking Patterns

Detox your life by ditching old negative thinking patterns. Your thought patterns are really the foundation of your life. Have you ever thought a successful person was happy because of their success? What if people are successful because they were already happy? 

I’m sure you know someone who is always negative and miserable, and nothing good seems to happen for them. That’s because your attitude creates, or prevents, your success. If you’re always negative you’re not going to see the opportunities available to you and you block your own creativity. 

12. Exchange Bad Habits for Good Habits

We’ve all got some bad habits we need to work on. Pick one or two and decide that you’re going to exchange them for a new positive habit. When you decide you want to achieve a goal it’s important to make a game plan, so take the time to not only set a goal, but decide HOW you are going to do it.

For example, you might want to make working out in the morning a habit. So your goal is to work out 5 days a week, and your game plan should look something like this:

  • Set out workout clothes, shoes, and headphones the night before.
  • Put your water bottle in the fridge before bed.
  • Go to bed early.
  • Put on your workout clothes as soon as you get out of bed.
  • Use a habit tracker to keep track of your progress. 

I hope you got some ideas on how to detox your life when things start getting stale so you can feel lighter and re-energized without dieting. What’s your favorite way to detox and refresh your life? 

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Until next time, it’s all love from here ❤️

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