October 25, 2021


Before we dive into your niche, I need to clear something up: there’s difference between your “industry” and your “niche”.

Your industry is the field you are in. You might be in fitness or marketing or online sales. A lot of people stop there and assume their industry is their niche. You’ll hear people say stuff like “I’m a marketing expert.” That might be true, but that’s the type of work you do, not your specialty.

In this article, we’re going to really dive into how to move beyond your industry and get serious about finding your niche so you can begin to confidently occupy your unique corner of the marketplace.


When you’re trying to find your niche, the best place to start is by identifying these three things: the person you help, the problem you solve and the promise you make.

Here’s what this mean…

1 – The Person You Help

The person you help is your ideal customer. You might help working ladies, marketing professionals or even moms.

Whenever you identify the person you help, try to go a little deeper. Do you help working ladies or do you help boss ladies look classy with really nice outfits? The more specific you can get, the closer you’ll get to finding your niche.

2 – The Problem You Solve

The problem you solve is the thing you help your ideal customer overcome. You might help business leaders overcome imposter syndrome or young leaders feel confident at work. 

Whatever it is that you do – you want to make sure you tie it to an actual problem your ideal customer is facing. Ask yourself the question, “Why does my ideal customer need my product or service?” and go from there.

3 – The Promise You Make

This is the results part of your niche. What sort of success do you promise your customer will experience after they do business with you?

Will your customer increase their salaries Feel more energized at work? Look and feel attractive with boost of self confidence, Hit their monthly goals?.

Whatever it is that you promise, be sure to paint a picture of your customer’s success so they can really envision themselves doing business with you and having great results.


When you combine your person, problem and promise, you’ll end up with a very specific niche and finally understand what corner of the market you occupy.

It looks like this:

  • I help boss babe with some classy designs and stylish outfits to look fabulous hence increase self confidence so they can live their dream life.
  • I help stay-at-home-moms get rid of all the clutter so they can spend more time with their kids.

Now you have identified your niche and you can focus solely on that and make progress.

Until next time, it’s all love from here ❤️.

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