October 25, 2021

To be mysterious is to have a magnetic energy, an aura that pulls people in. It draws their attention and they may find themselves curious to get to know you more. It is one of the most powerful qualities one can have and often leads to a sense of deeply fascinating interest. Being mysterious is an art and women who wield it are artists. 

Her Traits:

  1. She doesn’t talk much about her day or what she’s done, this makes you want to get to know her even more. 
  2. She loves spending time alone. She is intellectual.
  3. She builds close relationships with only a few, which makes you want to be one of them.
  4. She doesn’t care about what others do or say nor does she care for gossip.
  5. She is calm. She is questioning and observing and can make decisions easily.
  6. She gives good advice
  7. She is observant and picks up on the things you are afraid to voice. 
  8. You will never be able to figure her out fully. 

How to be Mysterious:

  • Be Engaged yet Reserved

It is crucial not to open up to others too fast or divulge too much too soon. An element of mystery is maintained when you let on as little as possible about yourself. Rather, share information at a natural pace and keep yourself reserved at all times. However, you should be able to communicate openly when asked something directly. Encourage others to talk about themselves more by asking non-invasive questions.

  • Be Aware of Your Worth

Knowing you are a woman of worth creates an air of intrigue and mystery. This shows others that you have confidence in yourself, you know your value and you are entirely secure with your life. It also shows that you will not tolerate ill treatment from anyone. 

  • Be Alluring with Speech

Mysterious women are masters of disguise. They can make other people believe what they want them too. Creating a different pitch or tone in different conversations can capture and enthrall your audience. Knowing when to pause, when to whisper, when to lower your voice adds to the allure of your speech and makes others hang on to your every word. 

  • Don’t Talk about Yourself – Focus Outwardly 

If you’re that rare person that hardly speaks about themselves, then you will have created mystery. If not, try and practice talking to someone by steering the conversation to them. People love to talk about themselves and by being observant, a great listener and making eye contact, you are essentially maintaining that mystery of yours. When thinking back, they would realize that they don’t know much about you. 
The points are few and easy to practice. And you free to add to the list by commenting below. I look forward to your comments.

Until next time, it’s all love from here ❤️

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