October 25, 2021
This is how you make your Sundays useful womenontopp.com women on topp

This is how you make you weekends useful

To make your weekend useful you need to understand one thing, a day is successful if you are satisfied with the thing you have done throughout your day. Below are few points you may try if you think they are worth trying.

Wake up early

It’s weekend and get it but we want an amazing weekend don’t we?. Think of this time as a pre-game warm-up, allowing your mind to mentally prepare for the coming challenges. Waking up early is an extremely useful tool for self-reflection and meditation in the daily life.

Short Fitness session (Morning)

(abs, core training for 15 minutes). This session helps your body wake up and pump some blood in your muscles, and brain.

Have the “me time”

This habit changed my life forever. Every day I make 10 minutes for myself. I start these 10 minutes with breathing exercise ( For 2 minutes), then I think about 3 things that I’m thankful for (4 minutes), and then I finish these 10 minutes with a vision how I achieved my 3 goals.

Set your most important daily goals

Reaching them you will feel more confident!

Step out of your comfort zone

Go out and step out of your comfort zone. Do it every single day, because it is the only way you can grow as a person. And if you will do it every day of the year. You will definitely become a better person.

Gain New Knowledge

Every day learn something new, read something new, listen to something new. Be a song/knowledge just something new.

Fail at least one time

It just means you are trying something new and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.

Learn one new skill

Try out a new dish, ride a bike, use needle and thread to see etc. More skill you will have, more opportunities will be present to you.

Write a quote

It will boost your creative thinking.


Be positive. A smile is very powerful. It can change other people a day and even life.

Dream time

In the middle of the day no matter where you are or what you are doing, take 30 minutes pause. Turn off your phone and internet, and create a vision where you have achieved your goals and dreams. See it, feel it. As far as you can see it you can have it.

Love call

Hang out with those you love or call them to catch-up on the happenings in their lives and yours equally.

Time machine

Before bedtime take yourself back to your day. Analyze your day, learn from your mistakes and maintain a heart of gratitude.

Until next time, it’s all love from here ❤️

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