October 25, 2021

The Ambitious Person: 5 Habits Successful People Have in Common

An ambitious person is a person who is always striving to reach a goal through her/his hard work, dedication and perseverance. She/he does not give up. She/he is determined to succeed and pushes forward until she/he prevails. But what does this person do in order to succeed? What landmarks does she/he utilize to get there? 

1. This person sets goals and doesn’t share them

Ambitious men and women have a knack for setting goals and achieving them. But how is this possible? What is she/he doing that we’re not aware of? What is her/his secret? The secret is: keeping them to yourself. According to Derek Sivers, the CD Baby Founder, telling others of your goals may have the opposite effect that you intended. Because of our psychology, sharing our goals can give us the same satisfaction of accomplishing them without having to do the hard work. In other words, talking becomes a substitute for doing, well not in all cases though. So set some goals and be quiet about them. 

2. He/she exposes herself to new ways of thinking

Most ambitious people are known for being original in their way of thinking. They come up with ideas, solutions and start-ups that are unheard of, creative and original. This can be done by challenging our way of thinking, by thinking out the box. The ambitious woman educates herself/himself, talks to and learns from people who are completely different from her/him These experiences teach us to grow and view the world differently and generate our own opinions on how things ought to be. Therein lies the new way of thinking. 

3. They are focused on execution

It may be all good and dandy to research, prepare and plan, but without any action, nothing will really happen. If we keep waiting and waiting for tomorrow, waiting for the right time, we’ll never accomplish our goals. You can’t expect great things if you haven’t put in the work. Ambitious people are courageous and are willing to take risks and make mistakes, they don’t rely on others to get things done for them. They get up and do it for themselves as the execution is the main priority. 

4. They do not compete with others

Ambitious men and women do not see others as competition, instead they lead from others, they are their own biggest competitor. And every day they are striving to be better than they were yesterday. Ambitious people champion the success of other people while working on their own goals at the same time. By always focusing on yourself, you will never have to compare yourself to others. Everyone has their own path to follow and the ambitious person understands this and this alone is the drive and motivation to succeed. 

5. They surrounds themselves with other ambitious people

This doesn’t mean you have to drop your friends and family, so don’t worry. It simply means to have people in your circle that are equally ambitious, that will push you as they are pushing themselves. There is a lot to learn from others wherever they are in their ambitious journey. Ambitious people know what they want and are willing to fight for it. Being around other ambitious people is like being in a stimulating environment that will ensure you do not pick up any bad habits. And one of the most important psychological habits is getting up, dusting yourself off and trying again. 
The list is endless but with this few points I am sure you know your stand and having done all to stand as ambitious, stand firm with eyes on the prize.

I’ll see you in my next post, until then it’s all love from here ❤️.

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