October 25, 2021

You want to stand out from the crowd, you want to be known,

respectable, attractive as mentioned in our last post Click here to read the last article,? Then this article is for you.

I’ll list 5 personal style boosters that work like magic. So let’s get to it already.

  • Self Care: This obviously is the first magic. When you take care of your body, you feel great and when you feel great you look great. It’s has to be inward-outward progression. Self care is very easy and self care products are pretty affordable. Go for what is organic/ natural products, that’s if you can afford all that. At any level you are you can care for yourself and still look great. Bathing atleast twice a day, trim and neat hair/nail. Fresh breathe and clean teeth, drink lots of water, eat healthy and keeping a clean surrounding will leave you a lot happier with glowing and radiance skin and great energy. Self care is very important personal style booster.
  • Wear Great Undergarments: You wouldn’t be all cleaned-up and wear dirty boring bras/pants/boxers. Buy fitted, sexy and colorful undergarments. Play with colours. And keep your underwear’s clean always.
  • Wear stylish outfits indoors: lounge wears, bombshorts, skimpy dresses etc of various designs and colours are needed here. You have to be stylish even when you’re only at home.
  • Have a Signature Scent: This can never be overemphasized. Test hair products, soap, body cream rollon, body sprays to perfumes to get what are good for your skin and stick to them . You might want to really play around different fragrances to get people confused. You that mystic scent that no one can figure the particular perfume you’re wearing? Yes that…. you can mix like two or three different fragrances if you want be extra but be sure the scent isn’t choking or smell of.

  • Wear crisp Clothes: one thing I know is that you don’t necessarily need designers to be fashionable or classy. All the you need is the right combination of outfits with accessories. Combine your colours well, (3 three colours in one appearance is always advisable) wear razor-sharp/ironed, fitted, tailored to your body shape outfits with good accessories and shoes.
    Trust me, you will be magic of you take the personal style boosters seriously. These are not the only boosters but are the major boosters you need to shine like a star that you are!.
    If this article is useful to you…share with your loved ones. Leave a comment for me and also you can add to the list.
    Until next time it’s all love from here❤️

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