October 25, 2021

This is article is aim at the importance of why you should have a personal style.

  • Respected by those around you: It’s true that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but that is usually what makes you pick it up! Like it or not, what we see does affect us, and we begin to form opinions based on it. How you dress is how you’re addressed is never any less true so yes until you have this mindset there are certain opinions people will not have about your personality. Dressing promotes and demotes you I can tell from my personal experiences… late 2020 I was job hunting, got called for an interview in fashion company and trust me I looked my best to the interview and I got the attention of CEO and she asked for my social media handle. I got the job though. Your style introduces you before you even speak. So take personal style personally because the benefits are great.
  • Become More Attractive: Show me an attractive person and without any personal style…can you think of any? ..no ? I thought as much as. Personal style create a very likable ambiance that people want to be identified with. People will naturally crave your attention because you’re attractive.
  • Boosted Confidence: That extra boost of confidence can come through personal style. Imagine your mind is sound, your body is sound combine with a perfect outfit, I promise a feeling so extra sweet. Have you ever dressed so well that you don’t want to go home early from the event because you feel not enough people have seen yet? I guess yes…that’s what I’m talking about. You feel on top the world always with exotic personal style.
  • Likely to Excel in Your Personal life: When you really sit and decide how you want to be perceived by people through personal style and put in the work to create it, all areas of your life are affected by that single decision. Every step every single day create ripple effect in your life.
  • Live a Better Life: If you care so much about your personal style it will reflect in life generally. Being a an attractive person with self confidence respected by those around make things come to you in pretty easy ways and thus a better life.
    Life is sweet when we make the right decisions and are smart about our decisions. In my next article I’ll talk about personal style boosters.
    Until next time it’s all love from here ❤️

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