October 25, 2021

How To Give Your Highlight Tittles On Facebook And Instagram 2021

Adding to facebook/ instagram story/highlight is one fun and easy way to connect with your followers on a daily basis.

But what if I tell you you can keep record of your story posts/ highlights and also sort into categories and titles while the titles will be displayed on your page..how cool is that?

Alright darling lets get at it already.

  1. Post a pictures or memes or writeups on your facebook/instagram story.
  2. Go to your page and click on highlights on facebook and for instagram click on the + sign located at top right side on your page.
  3. Select the posts that are alike and tap on the next button.
  4. give a name/title for that category of posts and tap on done and there you have a category of your highlights with a title
  5. repeat the process and just name a category for posts that are alike.

The video I made you are going to notice lots of categories with titles already.

Let me know if this post is of help to you. Its all love from here to you, see you on my next post❤️

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