October 25, 2021

Some Cute Captions For Weekend Post On Instagram/Facebook 2021

Hello darling, are you that one person who has lot of photo ideas, you take really lovely pictures but can’t post on facebook or

instagram because coming up with satisfying caption dosen’t come easily to you? Well, this is good news for you because this post offer the solution to that worry of yours.

Weekend vibe

Here are some cute weekend captions

  1. Seriousness called but I hung up cos it’s weekend
  2. Weekend unlocks the fun
  3. Friday is that you cos I waited since Monday
  4. Current mode:enjoyment
  5. Friyay funday
  6. The wine taste sweeter during weekends
  7. A toast to the good life
  8. Its the weekend for me
  9. Unwinding and minding my weekend
  10. A girl gotta be happy 😊

11. Chocolates and chills only.

12. It’s Friday, time to go make stories for Monday

13. May today be the Fridayest Friday you have ever fridayed

14. Oh Friday let me hug you🤗

15. Nap.Eat. Netflix. Repeat. 16. Relax. Refresh. Reconnect.

17. WARNING: going to sleep on Sunday will cause Monday.

18. I don’t work on Fridays I make appearances. 19. Food, friends, drinks and chills.

20. I need another day between Saturday and Sunday

Toast to the weekend

You can tweak any caption above to your style..just make you’re having fun while posting!

I’ll appreciate you more if you add to the list by commenting captions you know are cute.

Alright darling…we’ll meet on my next post. It’s all love from here to you❤️

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