Yo! what is popping? I am so pumped right now, sitting here listening to Khalid & Normani-love lies and just typing.

I got some kinda vibes and I love it. what are you upto?

Yes you can

Its been awhile I posted , took some time off to clear my head and really decide the kinda life I want to live but hey I’m here now and will be posting often so I thought to share this with you first ….. I relocated this January 2021 back to where I grew up from, a small town with lots of opportunities and less noisy compare to the city I was because I want clarity and for me life has started majorly, enough of the play around and just accepting whatever happens happens. This phase, I’m so intentional about every happening and on this note I will have a section(amongst others) of my posts about me…basically, I’ll be sharing the journey as it unfolds till old age.

I am introverted and you know my type do not share everything with the world but here I am doing this because I feel there is lot to gain and learn and I am so excited about it.

An introvert

So yes we are in this together, that means your views/contributions/comments are expected. Also I want to say a THANK YOU to you for all the support so far I really appreciate 🤗🥰.


Life make sense more when we express ourselves and we are doing that baby!😉. A toast to a journey of a lifetime 🥂

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