October 25, 2021

Reasons Your Girl Behaves Differently Towards You After Sex

Sex is an integral part of every adult’s life and most guys with active sex lives have been through a phase where they notice change in their female partner’s attitude towards them after a moment of intimacy.

One might get curious and begin to wonder why the attitude adjustment or what happened? Well, this article might just answer a few of the questions you have.

Poor Sexual Performance

This is a primary reason why your girl might not be giving you puppy eyes after a moment of intimacy. You probably didn’t “rock her world”.

So if you see her all lovey-dovey before you guys get down to business and some seconds later, you are finished and looking at her to see her looking disappointed. You shouldn’t need a soothsayer to tell you jack about the cause of her behavioural change.

Coercion Into The Act

Now, this doesn’t mean you forced yourself on her and raped her. This simply means you pressured her into sex and she only opened her legs to please you and not for mutual pleasure.

Most guys might guilt-trip or blackmail their girls into opening their legs not considering if they are in the mood or not. This mostly happens when the guy can’t control his urge or he is only concerned about his sexual satiation.

She Feels Differently About You After The Sex

If you are the guy that used to think girls must love a guy before having sex with them, you need to “unthink” that thought. Just like guys develop feelings of lust for girls, it’s the same way girls develop feelings of lust for guys.

In such cases,the only thing she wants from you is sex and once you give her that, that interest might fizzle out. Although, we are in a society where people are not “truly” liberal about sex, so seeing the lust feeling from the woman’s angle will be a challenge for narrow-minded people.

The fairytale is that before a woman gets intimate with you, she must really-really like you.

She is Uncertain of the next step

For some girls, sex is a big deal. Unlike the point made above, a good number of girls still consider sex sacred and won’t have sex with just any guy who looks attractive and seduces her.

So they will likely have sex with those they want to be serious with. So in cases like this, any change in the attitude of the girl might mean she is unsure what’s next on the agenda of the relationship. This occurs when the girl has genuine feelings for the guy and sees a future with him.

She might be moody because she doesn’t know what her guy has in mind as regards the next step for them.

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