October 25, 2021

Adamu Garba Threatens To Take Legal Action Against Twitter CEO

Adamu Garba, a former presidential aspirant has made the news for threatening to take legal action against tech billionaire and Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey for supporting the #EndSARS protest.

A Jack Dorsey’s tweet in support for the #EndSARS protest

Jack Dorsey earlier showed his support by endorsing the #EndSARS protest in a tweet he made and calling for donations to help finance the movement.

Another Jack Dorsey’s tweet endorsing the protest

Adamu Garba reacted to this tweet by warning Jack Dorsey not to meddle in Nigerian politics, he also stated that the protest has become a political agitation and it is capable of causing a state of restiveness and chaos in the country.

Garba’s reaction to Jack’s tweet

Adamu Garba also stated that most of the demands clamoured for by the youtgs have been tabled and attended to by the respective authorities. He emphasized that Jack’s show of support for the protest is an unnecessary interference.

Continuation of Garba’s response to Jack’s tweet

He added that if the protest continues and evolves into a disorder, he and Jack will be ”meeting in court.”

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