December 7, 2021

3 Ways To Chase Boredom Out Of Your Relationship

This morning, the gist was 3 likely reasons you find your relationship boring. Tonight is the gist about the panacea to boredom in relationships.

So, how does one rekindle or spice up his or her relationship? Was it boring from the get-go or was it full of life at a point then fizzled out into a life of monotony and routine?

I am sure those in such relationships are eager to know how to deal with that.

Be Spontaneous

Even if you are a boring person by nature, spontaneity is something you can learn and master. Though this comes to some people naturally but then, not having it because it isn’t in your natural wiring isn’t an excuse. Don’t let boredom kill your relationship and tempt your partner to look outside.

Be creative! Find a new way to tell your partner you love him or her, master the art of romance, be unpredictable; learn to churn out pleasant surprises. Used to going for dates at the eatery or cinemas? Try out another spot. You can stage a cooking contest between you two, start a blog together, just do something that will bring fun into your lives and leave motion for boredom to creep in.

The best way to be spontaneous is to just so things as they come into your head without over thinking it. What stops you from giving him or her that surprise kiss in public and let them feel shy or even embarrassed? How about healthy pranks? Or play fights? The options are just endless.

Stage Your Absence

Are you always around? Always available? Seen? At their beck and call? Yeah yeah, you are very reliable and dependable but at what cost if you are excessively entwined with those qualities?

Don’t let your partner get used to you. Let the spark that brought you two together remain fresh. Be absent sometimes. Even if you are not busy, give the impression that you are. You have other things to engage yourself with. You have friends and you have things to do.

So do not ALWAYS be at the beck and call of your partner. Not that you should ghost when they need your company but you can give a reasonable excuse as to why you won’t show up and find a sweet way to make it up to them when you eventually see them. Absence makes the heart grows fonder.

Let your partner miss you from time to time. Also, unless it’s a sleepover, a weekend stay-in or you two are legally married, do not move in together. Unless you run the risk of quickly getting used to each other faster than you can say Jack and your lives becomes one of routine and monotony.

Be Experimental

Don’t be stiff. Be willing to try out new things. Cultivate new habits, new hobbies, go to new places, develop new interests. These will keep you and your partner engaged and endeavour you to create good memories together.

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