7 Interesting Things Men Need to Experience Before They Can Fall in Love.

Wondering how to make him fall in love with you? Are you dating this guy and you like him so much; however, he seems like he does not feel much for you as you do for him?

Are you wondering what is it that makes a man fall in love and get into the desire to spend the rest of his life with you? What would be the magic formula that would suddenly make him realize that you are the one he wants to commit for the rest of his life?

Then keep reading, because in this article I will give you an answer to those thoughts rambling in your head.

Although not all men are the same, some men would instantly fall in love with a woman, but some men would carefully think first and assess the woman whom they want to fall in love with.

It is a fact that people fall in love in many different ways, and of course men and women think differently about love and relationships. However, there are some common factors that a man thinks and experiences before he can fall in love that leads him to spend the rest of his life with you and commit his life to you forever.

Here are some common factors that men need to experience before they can fall in love.
1.  He feels like a Hero(If his hero instinct is triggered)

Men like being a hero and that gives them the feeling of strength to be a man for his woman. This requires you to give into his strength.  He wants to feel trusted by his woman.  

You are wholeheartedly listening when he speaks about this thoughts, ideas, and opinions, that’s an interpretation of love for them. This means that you are the woman who is worth to keep because you support his power, wisdom, and ideas, especially when it comes to his passion and your future together.

To make him feel like a hero, he needs to feel trusted and believe in his desire to protect you, love you, and nourish you. You have to learn to look for the hero inside him, acknowledge, and appreciate him in that aspect.

Men totally fall in love with a woman that share these character traits. 

2. He feels accepted

Just like us women, men want to feel loved unconditionally and accepted for who they are. That goes same with a man. When you truly love a person, you accept him for who he is.  

Of course, we are physically attracted to them.  That’s normal, however if you make him feel more than that and you accept him for who he is, then that will give him the confidence that the relationship with you is genuine.

The more you create this chemistry with him of feeling loved and accepted, the closer he will want to spend his life with you and want to commit to a lifetime relationship with you.  

This requires you to see him deeply for who he is, and you are truly comfortable with that personality of him.  Men like to be seen by their own unique strengths, gifts, character, both personally and professionally within your relationship.

3. He feels the sweetest and safest place on earth is with you

If we women like to feel safe and secure with our man, then I believe men absolutely want to feel safe with us as well.  That means, whenever you are together, he feels the deep connection when he holds you in his arm and look into your eyes. 

This makes him feel like the safest and sweetest place is having your arms and eyes on him.  If a man feels this powerful presence with you, he will most probably choose a life with you and that can be his “HOME” with you.

4. He feels that you love loving him

When you truly love a person, you give your time, attention, gifts of sweetness, thoughtfulness, respect, understanding, loyalty, and trust to them.  And when he feels all those things with you, he will want to choose you and spend his life with you.  

He needs to experience that you are the woman who is worthy of giving the same level of commitment.

5. He needs to experience a deep connection with you

As a woman, I believe we are the emotional leader of the relationship with our man.  So, it is important to learn and master these skills if you want him to experience this deep connection with you.  

This requires you to become a creator of love, even in the darkest times that you are going through together. He needs to feel the burning fire of love and connection with you even at the most difficult times in his life.  

That means, whenever he is weak, depressed, or simply had a bad day, you are there to lift his spirits high and always willing to sit and listen to his emotions.  And that’s how he will absolutely feel and experience the deep connection with you.

6. He feels you as being real and truthful to him

This means that you are also expressing your feelings with him comfortably. You are being comfortable sharing your thoughts, pains, struggles, fears, desires, visions, and passions in life.  

That means you make him feel that you trust him by sharing your life with him.  He needs to feel like you can express your emotions and that will definitely help him express his feelings as well.  

Some men unconsciously don’t know how to express their feelings and if you are that woman who knows how to express feelings, teach him to do this, in a manner that will lead to effective communication.  Then he will feel more in love with you.

Most men, fell in love with a woman who he can feel alive, real, and truthful around.  To do this, learn on how to identify your emotional states in a calm and mature manner, then practice sharing them with him. It’s not easy; however, once you learn this important skill, then he will have that deep connection with you by being real and truthful to him.

7. He experiences a better and effective communication with you.

Men like being praised and not be put down, especially at their most difficult times in life. You need to learn on how to be his number one cheer leader and a better communicator.  

Learn to acknowledge and praise him for his good behaviour and communicate in a calm manner by letting him know about his bad behaviour without nagging, or publicly shaming him. 

That way, he will be able to recognize that his bad behaviour is hurting you, and yet you are able to manage it well by communicating with him properly. 

So there you go, those are my 7 tips on what most men need to experience before they can fall in love that will lead them to share their life with a woman forever.Feel free to Leave your thoughts on the comment section.

Untill next time!.

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