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Benefits Of Avocado For The Skin

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Avocado is one of the healthiest foods on earth. Today focuses on the benefits of avocado for the skin.

It is a healthy source of fat. The oil derived from it is rich in fatty acids. It acts as an excellent moisturizer for the skin.

Health articles dwelling on this superfood recommends it’s consumption because of its immense benefits.

I personally advise you to include it in your meal diet and watch your skin glow and regenerate over time. Avocado is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin A, D and E.

So what are these benefits?

Apart from being used to cook meals, it is also used in manufacturing sunscreens, moisturizers and creams.

Nourishes and Moisturizes the Skin

Avocado contains skin-friendly nutrients such as Vitamin E, Lecithin, Pottasium and many others.

These nutrients help the top skin layer; the epidermis to regenerate when it absorbs the nutrients.

Relieves Inflammation from Eczema

Avocado contains anti-oxidants and properties that helps to heal dry, flaky and irritated skin.

However, it is advisable you test a patch of your skin with the avocado oil or paste to see if it will worsen or relieve the symptoms.

Hastens Wound Healing

Avocado improves the healing function of the skin. Nutrients such as Oleic acid and essential fatty oils can help improve collagen synthesis; the formation of a new connective tissue.

The fatty oils also reduces inflammation that may arise due to the collagen synthesis.

Treatment for Sunburns

Studies have shown that consumption of avocados helps shield the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

It also helps with Sunburns. Armed with anti-oxidants, beta carotene, Vitamin E, D, protein, Lecithin and so on, they help to soothe and support the skin layers.

Slows Down Aging

The skin is the first part of the human body to reflect aging. Since avocado is a healthy fat, consuming it helps the skin to retain its elasticity.

Improves Nail Health

Avocado oil can be used to treat dry, brittle nails. It reduces nail breakage.

Heals the Scalp

Avocado oil treats the scalp and heals it of dandruff and other flaky hair conditions.

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