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Things A Man Wants In A Woman

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Things A Man Wants In A Woman

In my previous relationship article, I discussed the things a woman wants in a man, now i will discuss the things a man wants in a woman.

Men have a bad habit of wanting to approach every good looking or well endowed lady they meet but i assure you that they have their list of what they want in their ideal woman.

Men have different taste and criteria when it comes to what they want in the opposite sex but there are surely qualities they all desire or want in common.

It is these qualities i want to share with you today. They are stated below;


No one desires a lazy person. Even a lazy person doesn’t desire a fellow lazy person.

No man no matter how rich of financially bouyant will respect or admire a woman who is lazy and dependent.

A woman has to be resourceful and industrious if she wants to attract a proper man into her life. She doesn’t have to be rich or live extravagantly

She must have a career, skill or business that’s earning her a good income and she has to be independent minded.

When a man sees a woman who is not interested in his money or getting material things from him, she automatically earns his respect and admiration.

Physical Appeal

Beauty and good appearance is a natural magnet. It attracts all kinds of men to a lady.

Either the woman has a beautiful face or a beautiful body or both. Men will naturally be all over her.

She gets both wanted and unwanted attention.
She also definitely will have a long list of admirers to choose from.

Also, physical appeal involves proper hygiene as well. Beauty is not enough.

A woman must be neat and hygienic. No man wants to be seen with a woman who is dirty and not conscious of her appearance even if she has the Kardashian appeal.


A man loves a woman who listens to and understand him. Someone who is considerate and thoughtful.

Someone who understands when he isn’t available, when he is occupied with work or meetings.
Someone who doesn’t nag at the slightest opportunity.

Someone who understands him, knows what he wants, what he doesn’t want and his kind of personality.

This is a deep quality. Beauty might attract him to you but this will certainly keep him with you.


Men may claim to love rough, wild and bitchy ladies but they will never consider them for something serious. Bitter truth! A man will not want to take home to his parents a woman who is not decent.

Someone who doesn’t dress properly and prefers to show her flesh to prying and hungry eyes will never be a choice lady for a man who wants to settle down or go into a serious relationship.

A woman must carry herself with dignity and respect if she is to give a good impression of herself and the man she wants to be with.

Being Smart

Both sexes love smartness in each other. A man will quickly fall for a woman he can discuss many subjects of knowledge with.

Someone who knows something about many things. Not an airhead who only has a beautiful face and banging body to offer.

A woman must be mentally advanced and developed if she wants to be a good choice of a woman for a man. Men don’t appreciate shallow-mindedness.


Men despite the advent and activeness of the feminist and gender quality movements and campaigns still consider themselves as the superior gender.

A typical African man loves a submissive and humble lady. Not necessarily a woman taking orders, No! But a woman who will not defy or oppose him openly.

A woman who isn’t arrogant and proud soothes the ego of a man and will be a good reason he develops an interest in her.


These are some of the top common qualities a man desires in a woman. I hope this article has been insightful. Bye for now.

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