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Have you ever questioned why some people are successful while others are barely making ends meet?.  What makes them different, are they smarter  or more charming?.

The obvious answer is no. When  these people read others’ success story they didn’t think to themselves “wow, lucky person”. No, they thought to themselves “wow,I’ll be next.

You see wealth must happen in our minds, in our mouth by consciously confessing what we want to see before it can happen in our bank account. If you’re looking to get into the “business world”, beware -it is going to be the toughest thing you ever do in your life. However, it will also be the most rewarding thing yo do in your entire life.

We are living in the information age, where the internet,  social media and mobile computing allow anyone, anywhere, to run a business  all from a smart phone. So why is it that some people just don’t make the cut to be an “entrepreneur’, in a time with so such technology and opportunity?.Answer that yourself.

Growing up, most of  us are  signed up for the ” go to university, get a job, work hard and save money plan” by default because that’s what our parents  did. Over time we develop an “employee” way of thinking. Is this bad?.No, but having an employee mindset while you are trying to build an enterprise is fatal. If you have decided to launch your own business, discard the employee mindset immediately.

  • Stop expecting maximum results from little effort.
  • Stop expecting to see a return on investment every two weeks.
  • Stop expecting people to clap for you for every little success you hit.

Develop a ridiculous work ethic. That means doing the things you need to do even when you don’t  feel  like doing them.  Excuses are non-existent in the business world, you have to give up excuses, free time, sleep, friends, yes friends.  Sounds harsh? well, this is the harsh reality.
Most people don’t make in life because they listen to a friend or family member who is worse off than them. You must understand  that you’re building a brand so your time, your energy is needed.
You are racing with the clock! you cannot agree to every engagement that comes your way, so you cut off meaningless and toxic relationship. Learn to say NO.

One of the best ways to have a great mind is the books you read be it e-copy or hard copy and the company you keep. If you are unsure of where to start, I would like to share a few of the books i have read:

  • No Excuses.
  • Think & Grow Rich.
  • Personality Plus.
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad

Secondly, find ways to network with like-minded people. There are many clubs in campus(if you’re a  student) or in where you live, be part of it. Attend workshops, seminars, conferences where you can learn from successful people who have done what you are striving to accomplish.

Find someone who is willing to mentor you. Be transparent and allow this person to mold you, transform you and work in your life. This way mistakes are limited.

If I can leave you with one key message, let it be this: Don’t let anything stop you from chasing your dreams. Not fear, not finances, not experiences, time, nothing. We have one life to live(remember YOLO!) and it goes by a flash!.

Don’t just be a average person in this world. Make a difference -an impact. Stop waiting for the right time because it will never  come. Whatever it is that has been on your mind  just make the decision to go for it and don’t give up until you succeed.


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